Schedule a Reward Boost Event

Bitcoin inflation reduces by half every 4 years(Called "the halvening"). In XPD, the governing contract collects fees, penalties and a portion of inflation. Once a threshold of tokens has been collected inside the contract, users can schedule a "reward boost" event, which temporarily increases the rewards(APY%) for stakers. Once the event expires, the global inflation of the system is reduced and the collected penalties(threshold) of XPD are burned.
TLDR: Period of boosted rewards(APYs) + token burn + global inflation reduces. Effectively inducing volatility and attracting interest.

Proposals: Scheduled Events


There are currently no active proposals...

Reward Boost(event) Threshold (Current: 0 XPD)

The threshold determines the frequency(how often) the events can be scheduled. Minimum threshold is 0.1% of total supply.

Proposals: Event Threshold


Proposed Threshold Action XPD Committed Validates in User Rep
50,000 XPD ✅ 5,000 XPD (in favor)
❌ 0 XPD (against)
0 Hours
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