Propose System Upgrade

The governing contract has the control of the entire system. By changing the governing contract, the whole system can be updated to operate under a new set of rules. The changes can be simple(slight modifications or fine-tuning) or the system could be entirely re-designed. Anyone can participate and submit their proposal, but the decision can only be handled by the stake holders in the protocol.
Currently a minimum threshold 33% of weighted vote(total XPD staked) is required for the proposals to be enforced. 80% agreement is required.

Share Voting Mechanism (Consensus)

There are 2 types of voting. First one is done by commiting XPD tokens and is used to make faster decisions for managing the system(reward boosts, fees, bonuses,...). The second option is voting through staked(locked) XPD tokens. It is effectively the consensus mechanism of the protocol that allows upgrades of the entire system in a decentralized manner. The long term share holders(stakers) in the protocol get to decide on the future of the protocol as well as manage the treasury wallet. The longer the time-deposit, the greater weight(power) is assigned per each token staked.

1 Month Deposit

Voting Power:


3 Month Deposit

Voting Power:


6 Month Deposit

Voting Power:


1 Year Deposit

Voting Power:


3 Year Deposit

Voting Power:


5 Year Deposit

Voting Power:


Post a suggestion

Creating an actual proposal requires a certain degree of programming knowledge to execute. If you lack the ability to do so, you can verbally suggest potential improvements for others to see. The note is stored off-chain and has no actual effect beyond relying information.

Upgrade Suggestions

Anonymous just now

Consider giving the airdrop to the people who buy the token stake it and add luiquditty it can only be good for the project as there will be more luiquditty in start...

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